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Help I can't open any of my pictures.

Yep, lots of people with this problem. Go to Menu, Settings, Applications, Manage Applications, and select the All Applications tab at the top. Look for Gallery, Media Content, and Media Container Services, then for each one, clear Data and Cache if anything in there.

Ignore any warnings that data and information will be lost. Reboot your device and wait a bit, the sd card needs to be remounted and everything reindexed, so it could take a while before your Gallery will show your pics again. But it won't close anymore like it is now.
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This just happened to me tonight and I found a thread on DroidXForums.com that fixed the problem for me. I went to the Market and downloaded an app called Gallery 3D. When I opened the app, I went through the various folders and found 2 black images that were apparently corrupt files. Not sure how they got there, but I just deleted the 2 corrupt images. After that, the stock Gallery app is working again.
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