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Root I don't understand how the Evo and the Inspire 4G can get full working sense 3.0 but we can't?

some devs have said they probably could if you didn't want functional LTE. This seems to always be the issue with porting and they've had alot more time working around the Evo's wimax than LTE. Inspire isn't real 4G (nor is any AT&T or Tmobile) and use the same technology as 3g so it should be simpler to work around. from what I've seen one dev has alot of stuff working but is hung up on getting the phone dialer to work. other than the animated scrolling (which adx and launcher pro have had a long time already) and the whirly fast scroll I think we've gotten plenty of 3.0 components quite quickly.
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not to mention that youre NOT comparing apples to apples. we are the first ever 4g phone on verizon,so the RIL(radio interface layer) needs to be figured out in order to build roms from scratch.

remember,that CM7,and other AOSP roms are built from source,they are not modded stock roms.

we have the froyo roms we have because the factory firmware has working RIL.

we have the GB roms he have because we have a leak with GB and working RIL.

i agree its hard to wait,but give the developers some space. no one is forcing them,or even paying them,to do this for us.
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I think people tend to forget LTE is brand new tech.

The Tbolt was delayed how many times because of it? The Bionic with a similar deal getting dual core and LTE to work together..

Just gonna take a little longer for everything since there isn't any previous framework to work off of. All these LTE phones are the first of their kind.
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