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I finally got my AOSP/CM look and on touchwiz.....fair warnings, pics in post


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Nov 19, 2009
Well I finally did it, I got my phone with Touchwiz, but AOSP style/themed, mostly a themed look I guess you'd say

I had to buy a couple or 3 apps but it's well worth it to me, so this is not a free solution, but for me, I'm ok with it, because now it's paid for and I can customize it a lot!

(Note: I am not advertising for these apps just explaining what it does in case someone wants to know before buying.)

Apps I use are:

-(PAY APP) Widgets locker (for the aosp style lock screen),

It also has android style sliders, and Iphone slider style, and of coarse the AOSP circle. You can customize this locker a ton, and add widgets and shortcuts to the lockscreen as well, it's the most intensive customization locker app I've seen yet.

-(PAY APP) Nova Launcher Prime.

I bought the prime because 1: I love it a lot, and 2: the paid version lets me hide apps in the app drawer and I personally use that feature so, as well you can customize the icons to look how you want to in the drawer and on the homescreen as well....other than that free version works fine. but it's good
to support some companies, and this one I highly respect, because they are tried and true.

-A flashable zip that changes the Touchwiz messaging to the AOSP/CM style messaging

I am not sure how to revert back though, so if you flash it your stuck with it as far as I can tell, unless someone figures out how to flash back to stock. I also do not do MMS, but basic sms texting, so I am not sure if that works with this, but I read it did. I also do not remember where I got this file at, but I can host it if someone would like it, just let me know.

-(PAY APP) exDialer (for the dialer of coarse)

Well worth the money to pay for it, because you can theme it as I did to look like the ICS/AOSP/CM style dialer and contacts, paid lets you have more functionality, such as single click dialing,as apposed to 2 step dialing with stock CM/AOSP dialer, you can theme the dialer to a style you like, IE: ICS style, Iphone style, Touchwiz style, etc..., just overall good and has good customization for a dialer.

-Gallery apk file, has the CM/AOSP camera and Gallery in it. It's a simple apk you jsut install it. I can also host this if anyone is interested.

As for the underneath part like settings and such, they are still Touchwiz style but I am using an AIO add-on with 3minit and quicktoggles in it, and gives me the 3 windowed settings and I can also customize the toggles, which are also Touchwiz style.

Some of the internal stuff is Touchwiz and can't be altered. I freeze a few touchwiz things such as gallery, camera, and contacts, but for the most part you can't modify the touchwiz stuff without messing up the system. Overall though it looks and feels more like the AOSP/CM/Stock android look and feel to me.
You can get rid of the contacts, gallery and camera if you wish, but I'd recommend against it, I would just leave them frozen since you may need them later down the road for whatever reason....a good example of this is, contacts......I froze it, then had to un-freeze it because I found out the exDialer would not export/import contacts, so I just un-froze the touchwiz contacts, imported my contacts then re-froze it and it's working fine. if you ever have to export/import though you will have to un-freeze it again, so I'd highly recommend leaving it frozen as well as the other stuff, because it doesn't hurt the system performance or eat up THAT much space when it's frozen and you won't have them in the way of your modified stuff either such as the cm style gallery and camera.

All I really wanted was the base stuff, so there are also other added modifications you can get or do and are a lot simpler than what I haev done such as AOSP mail, AOSP keyboard, AOSP calculator, etc..etc....I just shot for the base of it.

I'm posting pics to see what you all think....let me know, I personally am happy with the results.
I tried to grab a snapshot of every aspect of the system, so hope I covered everything.

This is my lockscreen app I bought called Widgets locker.


I added shortcuts and widgets so you could see it all.
The winamp player is a shortcut, The circle is built into the app, and you can customize each of the 5 around the circle, the other things are app shortcuts.
Each one works within the lock screen so it never leaves to the home screen, only the app, and once you finish it goes directly back to the lockscreen. Maps even works with it, I thought that was kinda cool.

This is the modified Touchwiz recent apps clear section, by holding home button down, it comes in the AIO mod I have, and adjusted to use the stock touchwiz icons look.


You can of corse, swipe each one away, or clear all.

This is the stock touchwiz settings with the 3 sections, also in the AIO mod I am using, but it's still the touchwiz look somewhat.


The sliders on the wifi and 4g are kinda messed up, they don't work once you slide them once so the work around is to tap it and go into the settings that way.

Here we have the CM/AOSP style messaging I use, it's a recovery flashable zip.


As stated above once you flash it, I personally do not know 1: if MMS works, as I use only sms, and 2: I don't know how to revert back to stock messaging, so do this at your own risk......I have used this and for sms it works fine, no problems found on my end.

This is of coarse the desktop with a basic wallpaper of choice, and themed icons, using nvoa launcher.


Here is what I meant about some stuff being touchwiz, and can't be changed, not as far as I know of anyways.


Notice the toggles are touchwiz. I'm ok with that though.

This is nova launchers widget drawer


And this is of coarse nova launchers app drawer.


Nothing special here, just typical nova launcher stuff. I just posted them to see the look is all.

This is the CM/AOSP camera.


I froze the Touchwiz camera and gallery and I use this apk instead.
Everything works good on it, and it has panorama, camera, camcorder, and also the photosphere, all of it works fine without lockups or force closes.

This is the CM/AOSP style gallery, also in the apk file above.


The camera and gallery are both in the one apk file.

This is the exDialer app I was referring to. This is the Contacts part of it.


and of coarse here is the dialer part of it


exDialer is ICS themed.

All in all I am very happy with the results.


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