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i love my galaxy s3 but it drops more calls than any other phone i've ever had!

Yea I'm gettin that in various spots that I've never dropped calls before.

There's only one place in Bklyn NY that I would drop a call, while going past the Bkkyn Bridge. Other then that, hardly ever!
Now I drop calls pretty much everyday.

Big Thumbs up to Samsung and they're weak garbage radios.
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i just got my SIII that replaced my SI and the amount of dropped calls is ridiculous. my commute is 35 miles pretty much a straight shot and my SI never dropped a call. Today my new SIII droped my phone call to my wife 5 times. the signal would drop to no bars and i would get a circle with a line through it saying no signal. im thinking it has to do with 4G, my old phone was 3g and edge. my carrier is tmobile.
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My SIII had no signal or no service more times that not any more. My HTC bolt never has a no service in 2 years of use and I get it about 5 times a day with my S III. Standing in one place I will have no service when I try to make a call then 3 bars and back to no service with out even moving in any direction. Phone worked great the first few weeks in my house now I have no service or 1 bar at best now and takes forever to get a phone call to go out. Takes maybe 3 minutes to get it to dial the numbers sometimes at the house now. Really dissapointed in the cell service with verizon and this phone. :(
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I guess it could be bad phone or SIM. I have dozen of friends with GS3 (both at&t, verizon) around me and none of them is having call issues like this thread.
But I agree that Moto is safer bet on call quality than any makers. I got Razr HD mainly for 4G battery life and screen looking like Gnex, not the call quality reason. I didn't have any serious call issues with Gnex on verizon, but I can see why Moto is getting high remarks on that.
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