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I love the customability of Eris!



Hello all!
This is my first post, although I've been reading for about a week since I got my new Eris.

The thing is that I absolutely love the iPhone, like probably a lot of people here, but HATE the AT&T coverage. Also, I have an iPod touch that I use (or used to use) frequently, so I wanted that familiarity in my Eris.

So what did I do? After screwing around a bit I was actually able to customize my screen to look exactly like the iPhone! Yes, I understand that I'm not utilizing the full wonderful potential of colorful wallpapers and widgets and stuff, but I just really like the functionality of the rounded icons and easy access to all apps.

It was much easier than I thought it would be. Just downloaded "Better Cut" from the market and looked up and saved icon .png files from the internet, and used them to replace my stock Droid icons. And now I have a slightly smaller iPhone. (Now my iPod touch feels like a huge brick in comparison.)

For the custom Icons , is there any spot on this forum that does a walk through? I have the better cut on my eris but Man those default icons are nasty lol I wanted an Iphone to begin with but I didnt want to switch to at*t and give them tons of money to start crappy service lol!

What type of walk through are you looking for? Either find or create your own icons in the .png format. Create a folder on your Eris where you would like to keep the icons and store them there. When you create a new shortcut using bettercut one of the options will be to change the icon. Select the folder you stored your icons in and then pick the icon you would like to use.
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