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Root I need "Flashing Warheads For Complete Morons"


Mar 9, 2010
EDIT: Now "Flashing Take5 For Complete Morons". Here's what I wrote after succeeding with Take5:

You do NOT need root access to flash Take5 or 1.6 stock. Odin does it all. So here's some more detail about how I finally got it done (thanks to everyone helping):

1. Download http://www.junefabrics.com/bin2/SamsungUsbBehold.zip and unzip the files, then run the "Setup.exe" file. Your phone does NOT need to be connected to the computer to install this driver.

2. Download Odin at http://www.4shared.com/file/nFe93F45/BH_MAN_WarHeads.html. This file includes other files but you need ONLY the "Odin Multi Downloader v4.03.exe" file (there may be another download location for it). So unzip this folder and put Odin somewhere on your PC so it's handy. Don't need to open it yet, though.

3. Download Take5 from http://www.4shared.com/file/h6HvytYX/BH_MAN_Take5.html. Unzip this folder that contains two files: "Behold2_partition.ops" and "BH_MAN_Take5.tar.md5".

4. Open "Odin Multi Downloader v4.03.exe" and then:
a. Click the "OPS" button and select the "Behold2_partition.ops" file
b. Click the "PDA" button and select the "BH_MAN_Take5.tar.md5" file (you may get a message saying "Image Image Type" but you can ignore it)

5. While your phone is still not connected to the computer, turn the phone off. Then you need to get into DOWNLOAD MODE. To do this, hold down (in order, and you KEEP HOLDING THEM) Volume Down, Center D-Pad Button (the round one), and then End Call. Remember: KEEP HOLDING THEM ALL DOWN THE ENTIRE TIME. The phone will turn on, and should say that it's in Download Mode (psz clarified this). It will take several seconds. Don't let go of any of the three buttons until you see "download mode".

6. Now that the phone is in download mode, connect it to the computer's USB port. When I did this, Windows asked me if I wanted to install drivers, so I said yes and let it do it's thing.

7. In the Message box in the bottom-left corner of Odin, it will say something about your phone being connected. Now you click the Start button in Odin. Wait maybe a few minutes and your phone will reboot and turn on with Take5 running.

8. Unplug phone from USB and enjoy.

It's really cool that people take time to hook us up with this stuff. But the instructions are so unclear to me. I just want Warheads on my phone. My phone is NOT ROOTED. I thought that was okay. Can someone please provide step by step instructions? Here's my issues:

-Do I need any other files, like ADB, before I use ODIN?
-After I put Warhead on it, do I need to do anything else?
-Do I need TwLauncher.apk? What is it?
-Do I need Warheads and Dots, or just one of those?
-I started ODIN but it just tells to me connect phone.
Go with Take5: Faster, better battery, less issues, and is the update to Warheads.

1) No, just ODIN and the Take5 download.

2) No, you're done.

3) Warheads came with Home++, instead of the TouchWiz launcher. It was an option to put the original Launcher back onto the phone. This is not an issue with Take5

4) You only need the latest (Take5 in this case). You never need to put an older one first.

5) You must have the phone in Download Mode. To get into Download Mode, you have to turn the phone off. Then, while it's off, hold down (in order, and you KEEP HOLDING THEM) Volume Down, Center D-Pad Button (the round one), and then End Call. Remember: KEEP HOLDING THEM ALL DOWN THE ENTIRE TIME. The phone will turn on, and should say that it's in Download Mode.

Then you plug your phone into your Computer. This should let ODIN see the phone (You may need drivers for your version of Windows)
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Ok, I have the Take5 file now. So when I select USB debugging mode and leave my phone on, Odin seems to read it (also, I can see SAMSUNG ADB Interface) on my computer's Device Manger). But I know (I think) that that's the wrong way to do it. So I turn my phone off and start in Download Mode, and I see that the Behold driver no longer shows in the Device Manager. Odin tells me to connect my phone still. It simply doesn't read my phone when it's in Download Mode. I am banging my head on my keyboard!!!!!!! So, is this the EXACT order of things:

1. Open up Odin Multi Download
2. Under Select OPS, choose Behold2_partition.ops
3. Click PDA, choose the PDA File you are Trying to Flash Rather it Be BH_MAN Rom / or Stock
4. Power Off Phone (while disconnected
5. Connect phone via USB
6. Hold and Press Volume Down, OK, Power (the red end button)
7. Phone will say Download Mode
8. Click Start on Odin Multi Downloader.

That simply doesn't work.

I will paypal someone $20 to write me a better guide. I know I am an annoying noob and I'm sorry.
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don't quit. just settle down and do a little more research and i know you'll get it. this process is not for newbs although it really is easy enough for them to complete. it's not something you should just wake up one day and decide to do, you need to know what it is you are actually doing, whats being changed or added to the phones system files and what not. read read and read some more then try again and you will get it done, but you have to put in the work. nothing worth having comes easy although this really is easy.
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I have encountered this problem recently and i may know what the prblem is but i havent tested this yet.

Have you been using a USB cable other then the one sent with the phone?

Have you recently damaged the usb cable in any way?

these factors contribute to why your phone is acting up when in download mode.

PM Johnholmes for more information and help he has fixed these kinds of problems and is currently helping fix mine.
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