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Help I rooted my phone and then uninstalled touchwiz home

I rooted my phone and then uninstalled touchwiz home knowing that it is dangerous. :( Now I cant use my phone because I was unsuccessful with Kies firmware installation and also trying to install clockwerkmod to install cyanogenmod was unsuccessful. I am obviously pretty new to these things. Do you guys think I can fix this on my own? If yes, how? Or should I bring it to a Samsung service center? Thanks in advance.
Try installing a 3rd party launcher like Go or Nova using the playstore website on a pc to push it to your phone :thumbup:
I doubt samsung will touch a rooted phone. You could always reflash it if you cant get a launcher on. Dont worry too much

I'm not sure how I would push it to my phone because I cant turn on the wifi in it and not sure if mobile data connection will work.
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Yeah thats gona make it a bit harder. As long as u can get into download (odin) mode youll be fine. Check out Sammobile.com for a guide to using Odin and to find the stock firmware for your device/carrier and when you reflash it, itl have the stock launcher again. Unless sum1 knows a way to just install the launcher(?)
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