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Ice Cream Sandwhich raZr???

While I agree that 8M vs 5M does not imply better or worse quality; some 8M sensors perform better than some 5M sensors; and some 5M sensors perform better than some 8M sensors. However, that is just the beginning of the story. There is also the optics and the post processing. From my limited images from the razr; it is ok but not going to make fantastic pictures (it appears to have very heavy in camera post processing and noise reduction that smears the results). However, I have not had a chance to use other camera phones (nexus, s2 or iphone) so I cannot comment relatively. My sx230 is a bit better (it runs around $200 these days) and the 8M olympus camera i had a while ago was way better. these aren't fair comparisons (and they are not meant to be) the point is that it is fair to make comparisons between the nexus camera and the razr camera but making an informative statement based on the megapixles used in the camera is very weak.

Believe me, it doesn't. All it does mean is the images can be displayed/printed larger at a given dpi/ppi. A digital image sensor with 8M photo sites will not automatically produce images of a higher quality than one with 5M.
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The larger point on the two cameras is that the Razr camera is pretty darn fast now (I took 24 shots in 30 seconds), and if you look at the Gnex camera "zero shutter lag" in practice, it seems to result in a lot of blurry photos in the first place. So, be careful what you ask for.
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I will say it time and again.It aint the camera it's the shooter.....

Lance Armstrong would have won the Tour de France with a Schwinn 10 speed, right? :rolleyes:
And while a great surgeon could probably do an appendectomy with a scalpel or a sardine lid, what would you prefer for your surgery?

Either way, arguing over cell phone camera quality seems like the silliest point of comparison.
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ya it does ;-)

Your image sensor is so small that you're really diffraction limited at that point. Any detail you would gain by going to 8MP can be replaced by upscaling the picture in post.

(The smallest feature your lens can resolve is larger than a pixel, so adding more pixels does next to nothing)

One thing I liked about the Nexus camera is the ability to set custom scenes and white balance. It gets the read totally wrong in fluorescent lighting though but with the custom set it's spot on. I imagine RAZR has this too though (oddly enough couldn't find it on iphone 4S and everyone makes a big deal about the camera on that)
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