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Ice cream sandwich from one phone to another?

Droid what? Just a standard Droid? None of the Droid's have ICS that I'm aware of and the source code isn't out so there are no ROMs running it either. If I'm wrong, someone can correct me. I don't think I am.

I'm pretty sure you're correct.

oredefinedx, get your friend to head to Settings -> About Phone, what is his exact Android version?

The only phone known to have ICS so far is the Galaxy Nexus which hasn't been released yet. What phone does your friend have?
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Doing a search on the market shows 124 themes, widgets etc for the look of ICS, this is what they have. If you want it, get any of those. Its sort of ironic they have droid 2s since they are unlikely to get an official ICS from motorola with all the phones they have put out since then (droid 3, x2, bionic, razr...)
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