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Help ICS control pad support and usb otg issues orange


Aug 8, 2012
Hi, both me and my partner switched from HTC desire s's to samsung. I took advantage of falling S2 prices whislt my other half got an S3.

Problems I have is control pads plugged in through OTG on the S2 do not work, yet same pads work fine with the S3?

I also notice plugging a Memory stick into OTG I don't get instant acess like the S3 I have to go into my folders and select from list.

The game pad is the main issue for me as I'm a gamer and on screen controls suck. I have a folder full of drivers I've found so I have the drivers just my phone seems to be slack in detecting devices and using drivers.

Model: gt-i9100
Android ver: 4.0.3

Phone is orange branded.

Any help would be ace


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