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Help If your IMAP e-mail is not showing in inbox..

Here's my trouble with Samsung Galaxy S2.
When i try to set up my work e-mail on IMAP - it connects, shows my e-mail folder structure but the Inbox is blank. It doesn't show any new or old emails. I can send an email - the recipient will receive it but it will disappear from my Outbox in about 30 seconds.
At my work we have a few htc Androids, Iphone and Blackberries & they all work just fine.
Went to the store - they played around with it for an hour. Didn't know what was going on.
Called Tmobile tech support. They said to exchange the phone because of faulty software.
Exchanged the phone - same issue.
Called Tmobile again. After 3 levels of customer support, transferred me to Samsung support where after 3 more people got hold of an engineer.
We set up a test account for him on our server so he can identify the problem.. and here it is - Ready?!

Samsung didn't design their system to connect to EXCHANGE IMAP Server.
It can connect to Imap OR Exchange Active Sync but not to Exchange IMAP.
Unless more people complain about this problem, it won't get fixed. The guy at Samsung was not the least bit interested in helping me.
Very disappointing!!!

P.S. Yes, we can all use K-9 but that is not the point! Why get top of the line phone if you have to use K-9?!


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