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I'm looking for a phone film site

I am looking for a site to watch full length films for free, I wish to stream them though my Samsung galaxy s2, if someone know of such a site please shard, thanks.

I haven't watched a full-length movie on my GNex yet--I'm not sure how long the battery would last...

I think the Google Play Store has legitimate movies you can download--but I'm pretty sure they're not going to be free.

I'm afraid that anything current / recent that's available is likely to be from a non-copyright or DMCA-friendly site (and we're very careful about not discussing that here).

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You could always try Crackle, I'm not sure what their selection's like, but they are 100% legit as far as I'm aware.

Many user reviews are commenting about the number of intrusive ads in movies. Well it is free, so one can't really complain. Crackle is legit, it's owned by Sony Pictures.
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