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I'm moving to China for 4 months. Do you know any carriers that I can use the phone on?

Moved your question to the sprint forum.

Simply put, the HTC evo or any smartphone on Sprints lineup uses CDMA technology. You could use the handset over there on the WIFI network, but anything that requires cellular CDMA 3G radio transmission will not work properly.

Sprint has a feature to where you can put your account on hold temporarily. Military people use it all the time. Give sprint a shout and ask about it.
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$10 per month to "freeze" your account, 6 months limit (but some folks have gotten it extended).

Your best bet is probably to get a pre-paid setup over there and a new phone to go with it. When you leave, sell it locally.

I agree with this. You should just "freeze" your account until you're back.

If you had a Photon (not the Q, the original), you could actually pop in a SIM from over there and use the Photon.
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Concur with both points above....

Photon works great on China Unicom or China Mobile (I think Unicom has the faster data speeds).

OR if you are going to be traveling alot within China or Hong Kong; and money is not a huge concern (ie work paying the bill) just get a roaming card from Three in Hong Kong. Fantastic service, and easier roaming. (with China Unicom or china Mobile, you have to have a different SIM in each locality (ie Shanghai is different SIM card than Beijing etc etc.) The 'Three' card works in all of China as well as Hong Kong. 98hk(like 12 USD) per day when roaming, 28(3.5 USD)when in Hong Kong.

If you have to go with one of the China providers, get a dual sim phone if you plan to travel between two different areas much. Saves at least SOME hassle, and I think there are even phones with THREE sim slots as well.

Also, if you are going to have permanent residence, you can get post paid service which is easier because you dont have to worry about refilling your balance....
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