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Im updating my Will, not sure who i should leave my Android :(


Thank Me, Im Irish!
Jun 6, 2010
The money and usual possessions are pretty easy to dole out. But now comes the hard part! My Incredible!

So my daughter is my first choice, but she is only 2 right now. God forbid i pass in the next couple years, it would be wasted pretty much.

My wife WOULD be next, but she has the same phone!

My brother is a moron and pissed me off, so he is out.

Mom cant figure it out.
Dad doesnt want it
Grandma is too old
Great Aunt Ethel (who is 97) would love it, but by the time she learns how to use it .... well, nevermind

Is there nobody worthy of my most prized possession??
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I figured since it wasnt very phone-specific, it belonged in the lounge.

I keep having my threads moved, but im really trying hard to read their minds and pre-determine where it belongs lol. Sorry if i choose wrong
It was a joke (not directed at you, rather at the frequent thread-moving around here), not a criticism. Sorry if it seemed that way. :eek:
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I would say give it to your daughter. You'll be surprised how young children can be around smart phones. My nieces (8, 5, and 4) all LOVE mine and my uncle's droids and play on them all the time!! It's really great for calming children with Signing Times (video series teaching sign language), teaching youth-friendly songs such as The Incy Wincy Spider, and the list goes on and on!

Androids are great for children as much as they are for adults. Just make sure they don't drown themselves from their friends and family in addiction with games or whatever, it makes me really sad (dealing with autistic youth especially) to see the lifelong damaging effects it can have when parents appease children with constant gaming as an alternative to proper care. That's a different story not intended for debate and flaming.
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