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Impossible? Whatsapp on an S3 Wifi tablet


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This is a previously asked question with 96 views and no replies. Does this means it is impossible?

I know there a 6 million questions on the net about this but I cannot find one that has the elements I need.

I would like to install whatsapp on a Samsung 3 10" tablet. I do not have a 3G card, (but its is a 3G tablet so the slot exists), so its needs to be a wifi only version. I do not have a smartphone - only a classic mobile from the 1990s.

Is it possible to have Whatsapp in these conditions?
If so how do can i go about installing it?

Thanks for your help!
Sorry for the lack of answer - it most likely means that the people who viewed it didn't know.

To be honest I don't myself. Whatsapp can work with WiFi, but as I've never used it I don't know what else it requires. Your problem seems to be installing it rather than using, but you don't say exactly what the problem is, e.g. you cannot see it in the Play Store, or you try to install but it fails?

If you cannot see it in the Play Store when using the app on your tablet, that would mean that the developers have not listed your device as compatible. You could try going to play.google.com using a web browser, locate Whatsapp, then see whether it will let you install (the "install" option on the website will push the app to your android device over WiFi). If the developers have not included your tablet as a compatible device the web version of the Play Store will tell you this explicitly ("this app is not compatible with any of your devices" or something like that).

You could try downloading the app from WhatsApp :: Home. Enable installing apps from "unknown sources" via the Developer Options menu in the tablet's Settings. Copy the apk file (the app) onto your device (e.g. the sd card), view it in a file manager app and click on it. That should start the installer. If it installs successfully then you're good to go, and if it doesn't that's probably all you can do.

If your device doesn't have a file manager, you could install ES File Explorer from the Play Store. That will work for installing as described above.

Good luck :)
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