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Help In desperate need of some serious help. Several issues at once!Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Apr 15, 2012
I warn you ahead of time that this is long and covers several issues, which may or may not be tied in to each other, and may or may not have some quick fix that I am unaware of. Thank you so much, in advance, for reading and for any help you may be able to give.

I have had my HTC Evo 4G (Sprint) since September, so about seven months now. I will fully admit that I am terrible when it comes to deleting things, like Email or texts or Facebook messages. They just pile up, whether I want it or not. HOWEVER, I'm not a serial-downloader, nor do I have a million games on my phone. I use it a lot during the day most days...basically it's my lifeline. My phone, my laptop, my entertainment...I'm sure I'm far from alone.

A few weeks ago, I started getting random error messages about Google Services Framework. I ignored them at first.
Then, I got an alert that my storage space was low. I proceeded to hook up the phone to the computer, and exported (and deleted!) all my photos and videos. There were several hundred photos and a couple dozen short videos, so it cleared up a ton of space.
Still getting the Google Services Framework issue....and my Gmail (through both Mail and GMail apps) wasn't loading. I tried troubleshooting it with no end in sight. Then, the email started coming in again. I thought I was clear. No such luck...Google error message still kept coming through.

I got a text from a friend, and it gave me the message: "Warning
Unable to manage your messages because your storage is full. Please delete content from other applications to make more space."

So I went on a deleting spree. Or, at least, I tried to. I deleted all texts I didn't need (marketing text threads, etc.). Then I proceeded to delete a few applications off my phone that I don't or rarely use. I must have deleted 10mb worth, including AIM, a couple barcode scanners, etc. (It kills me that there's no option to delete the worthless Blockbuster, Stocks, Football Lineup, etc etc.)

But it looks like instead of clearing up space, it SHRUNK my storage. I tried opening the Gallery to see if there were any videos I may have taken in the past week since deleting all of them, and it says "Your phone is low on storage space. Please free some space before using this application."
When attempting to Uninstall apps, it often pops up with: "Sorry! The application Market (process com.android.vending) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again." It looks as though it did delete the app, but....
and here I deleted another app, and it just said: "Sorry! The application Open Sense Plugin Manager (process com.htc.opensense.pluginmanager) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again." With each of these messages, "Force close" is the only option to hit.
Going in through Settings>Applications>Manage Applications, it shows on the bottom bar that I have 361MB used, 66MB free. (Through Settings>SD & Phone Storage, it says my Internal Storage available space is only 36KB??) However, as I was writing this, I deleted several more apps, and the number has not changed.

The applications shown that I have actually downloaded are:
2x Battery
Advanced Task Killer Free
Baby Guide (from Babies R Us...I'm expecting and this is helpful with the registry)
BabyRecipe Lite (I could delete this as the baby isn't born yet, but it's only 112KB)
Bank of America (necessary)
Battery Dr to Save Battery
Comic Strips (links through internet, only 1.25MB on its own)
Contraction Timer (I don't need this yet, but again, only 88KB and it'll be great to not worry about finding and downloading when I am in labor)
Draw Some (this is 11.48MB, but is a great source of entertainment)
eBay (I could probably delete this, but I do use it often. 9.17MB)
Facebook (47MB...yikes)
Key Ring
MyPregnancy (2.03MB, shows development...just for fun)
Note Everything
OI Shopping List
Photoshop Express
Pixel Art Clock Widget
Prenatal Lullabies Lite
Qr Barcode Scanner
Smart Ruler
Sudoku 10,000 Free
The Weather Channel (12.18MB)
Translate (a nifty app, only 2.92MB)
Walgreens (3.35MB, can scan a barcode to refill a prescription; would love to keep this)

Now, the major source of discontent here is that the phone does not appear to be allowing me to Clear Data OR Clear Cache.
I know Facebook uses a lot of data, so I tried to clear both, and I'll click "Clear cache" and it completely ignores me. The button flashes green when touched to show it has been, well, touched...and nothing happens. When I click "Clear data," it gives me the typical warning that it will delete settings, etc...and I click OK, the button goes dark and says "Recomputing size..." And then flashes back to "Clear data," and absolutely nothing has changed. Still 6.49MB for the application, and 40.50MB for Data. I'm tempted to just uninstall it and download it again, but the only option is "Uninstall updates."
It's doing the same for all other applications.

When I attempt to use the "Move to SD card" option, it goes dark, says "Moving," then pops up with "Move application Failed to move application. There is not enough storage left."
However, it tells me that I have 6.9GB FREE on the SD card.
What in the world is going on?

I *really* want to avoid doing a factory reset, as I'm not 100% sure that my contacts are truly saved to the SD card, as I did so after all this started happening. This whole situation is making me seriously frustrated, and as such, making me feel like an absolute idiot. I feel stupid...like I'm doing something wrong. If it weren't a Sunday evening, I would probably just go into a Sprint store crying and beg for help or a replacement.

CLIFF NOTES: I deleted so much off my phone. There is a ton of space on the SD card. It's still telling me I have next to nothing for space, and isn't moving anything to the SD card. Error messages galore. Won't even open my text messages.

I'm at my wit's end. I have no idea what to do anymore. Usually I'm really good at troubleshooting...plus I have an IT guy for a husband. He is lost as well.

Thank you again to anyone who can offer any help or advice.
Get rid of the task killer. That causes more problems than it helps. Clear data on Facebook. Get an app called zdbox. You can move some apps to your sd card and it helps uninstall apps and clear cache
Your contacts should be backed up by gmail if you saved them to Gmail and not the phone only.
There maybe other suggestions but I only skimmed your post and don't have time to go through it all. Good luck
Are you using the stock sd card? Sounds like you filled it up
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I would also reboot the phone. Rebooting the phone will help clear out some cache. Programs you deleted will still have active cache that can't be deleted until you shut it down.

Honestly though my best suggestion for you would be to consider rooting your phone. Then you can use programs like DT's a2sd to move apps to the sd card you can go into recovery and wipe cache and dalvic cache. You can save Images of your setup. You can change ROMs You can Tell Corporate America your in control You get to oh wait i'm calming down now :eek: got a bit going there i did. but seriously Rooting is the best way to go.
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I'd also suggest getting rid of any of your apps containing "battery".

Usually apps that say they help to conserve battery by shutting off this process or that end up keeping the phone awake longer, which will end up hurting your battery life.

As Suggested above, rooting is a for sure way to solve your space issues.
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