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incredible back to droid...?

I would, but no way I am paying full price. :) I've had my Droid since launch so I guess I am SOL.

I dont think you are missing out on much anyways......lol.

I choose Droid over Incredible! I just got my phone about 30 days ago.

I am not feeling HTC that much..... That's just me.... I'm sure that theres MUCH better phones to come after it.
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Gotya. I wouldn't mind trying out the Incredible, which is why I ask. I like the Droid and all, but since I never use the keyboard, I was curious about a non-keyboard phone.

I never thought about using the 30 day period as a free trial. Good idea. What happens with the old phone then? De-activated? Do you then have to pay another fee to get it turned back on?
I also find myself never using my droid keyboard. Not that I don't want to. But it seems easier just to use the Android keyboard.
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