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Accessories Incredible Battery same physical size as Evo?

NYC Coyote

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Apr 7, 2010
New York
So Engadget just posted a review of the Evo: HTC EVO 4G review -- Engadget

If you scroll to the middle you will see the battery... Kind of looks like what you will get in OUR INCREDIBLE phone.

Except the Evo has a 1500mAh.

I'm thinking this is the 1500mAh OEM in Red we have seen on some sites? Perhaps?

(they said it got amazing battery life by the way - and that's on a bigger screen running video's straight)
The Evo will probably use the HD2 battery which is different from the eris/incredible battery.

Well....apparently its the same size as the incredible battery, and the touchpro and a bunch of their phones.

Its already been found that the incredible can take the HTC OEM 1500 mAh which is RHOD160...and look what I found on a very fast google search: RHOD160 - Google Product Search

A bunch of vendors are selling it already as an EVO battery!!!
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