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Help Incredible PBAP with Jabra Cruiser Bluetooth Speakerphone

Bought a Jabra Cruiser Bluetooth speakerphone for the car. It is supposed to announce caller name from phonebook. If it can't access the phonebook it announces the number. It is paired and connected to the Dinc and only announces the number...indicating it is not able to access the phonebook. Just wondering if there's something going on with the bluetooth stack in the Inc.

Just got a Jabra Cruiser for my wife's Droid Eris, and same problem occurs. Tried pairing it with my Motorola Droid...same problem. Announces number, but not a name. I even tried installing a Caller ID with Voice app thinking that maybe it would solve the problem. Nope.

I found a thread over at amazon.com from some iPhone users that are having the exact same problem. One of the posters listed the response he received from Jabra:

Jabra seems to be throwing this back to Apple. Their response...
"We've found that many cell phone manufacturers implemented the Bluetooth Phone Book Access Profile incorrectly, causing issues like yours. There may be updated software available for your phone [I've updated to the latest OS last night] Jabra is working together with all cell phone manufacturers to ensure Bluetooth specification compliance across the board. Since the issue lies within your phone, unfortunately there's nothing else that Jabra can to to rectify the situation"

Amazon.com: Customer Discussions: Jabra Cruiser with iPhone?
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