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Info needed about Samsung Galaxy 3 and HTC Wildfire


Nov 1, 2010

I'm Karthik from India. Am a newbie here and I find this forum very helpful.

I'm plannig to buy a mid range android phone and have narrowed down on the Samsung Galaxy 3 and HTC Wildfire. I've a couple of doubts regarding these phones:

Samsung Galaxy 3:
1. Is it upgradeable to android 2.2 froyo? (I got a email from samsung support saying that the firmware v2.1 can't be upgraded to a higher version. But I see many reviews saying that it is upgradeable)

HTC Wildfire:
1. I've read reviews saying that the screen resolution is low. Is it really that bad that it's not suitable for a casual user?
2. HTC has announced that the wildfire will be getting the froyo update. Does this mean that apps from the market can be installed directly on the SD card?

The common concern I've with these mobiles is that they've QVGA dispaly, which I fear may restrict the availability of apps on the market. Is it really that much of a concern?

Also I've a doubt regarding the average size of an android app? (both aplications and games). On an average, how many apps can be installed on a memory of around 120 mb?

Sorry for the rather long question but I'm new to this android stuff and I want to pick a phone that doesn't leave me disappointed.

Thanks in advance,


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