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Help Inspire 4G -Wifi says connected, but apps not updating!

Hi All,

I've had my phone for nearly 2 weeks and I love it! HOWEVER, I've just recently started running into probs with the wifi. When I am at work it was connecting just fine till about 2 days ago. I didn't change anything??

It connects to my wprk's open wifi- it even says connected - I can still get texts and stuff but none of the apps work, and it won't sync. I get an error saying "sync not available, please try again" and I can't get gmail or yahoo mail, or even FB notifications! I can't refresh them, or FB either, and no connectivity to Zedge, etc.

When I turn off wifi and go on the mobile network, all the messages from the past few hours come rolling in...but this will chew up my data FAST.

Wifi at home and coffee shop doesn't have this error. Is there something I can do?



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