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[International / GSM] Apex Rom Help


Dec 1, 2011
i just flashed apex rom on Galaxy nexus and for some reason everything work fine, except the gmail, and market didn't work, obv without signing on your gmail acc you can't do anything on the phone, so i'm trying to get this thing solve? Is it because the rom is not stable enough? Please help
Thank you in advanced!
ankh is right, but perhaps a longer explanation would help.

The ROM is perfectly fine, stability wise. Did you read all of the directions from the dev on how to install it? Somewhere in the downloads, besides the actual ROM zip, there should also be a GApps file. (I know on AOKP, it's occasionally updated, and I always grab the one with the most recent date in front of it)

You have to download that to your sdcard, and then reflash the ROM, then flash GApps BEFORE you reboot out of recovery. That should fix your problem. Just try to follow the instructions from the dev step-by-step.
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