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[International / GSM] [rom]jbsourcery v5.2-GSM[04/21/13] jb4.2.2 Not just a phone It's Fun


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Jan 3, 2011
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JBSourcery Version 5.2 Release
Galaxy Nexus


New featuring JDQ39-4.2.2_r1

Release Information:
Downloads -- Features/Changelog --

1) Download Rom and Gapps to your Phone​
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all, anyone having issues seeing pics from their own sdcard.... here is a helpful post from id on a rootz thread of ours

Most of the missing media (pictures, ringtones, etc.) problems are caused by a bug in the previous version of ROM Manager.

It mistakenly dropped a .nomedia file onto the root of your sdcard.

Just get the latest update to ROM Manager from playstore so it doesn't happen again, then delete /sdcard/.nomedia, go to manage apps and clear data in media storage then reboot to rerun your media scanner and all should be back to normal.

FYI, the .nomedia file hides any folder (and sub folder) it's in from the media scanner (meaning android can't find it) so you want it in most of the folders it's in (like temp folders) to keep junk out of your gallery. But u don't want it on the root of your sdcard for obvious reasons. :)
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