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Root [International] Samsung Galaxy S3 UMS


Dec 17, 2012

I'm new to all of this, so please excuse me if I'm posting in the wrong place!

Despite knowing how to preserve and backup my data, I accidentally deleted an album on my samsung GT-I9300 internal memory with a number of files that weren't backed up. I immediately stopped using my device so that nothing was writing to the storage, meaning that my files should still be there as just the pointers will have been removed.

In desparation I have now learned the following:

1. UMS - No longer an option, just MPT on the device.

2. No UMS - means that I can't use windows recovery software that is out there as the internal memory isn't recognised as a mass storage device.

3. So I rooted my device in order to try out undelete, DiskDigger and the pro version of Hexamob recovery.

Surprisingly, this went well (I am not experienced). I used the droidviews tutorial CF-Root-SGS3-V6.4.zip http://download.chainfire.eu/196/CF-Root/SGS3/CF-Root-SGS3-v6.4.zip and odin. (Thank you droidviews).

4. Now I was able to try out Undelete (no good for the internal ext4 memory, has to be fat). Disk Digger and Hexamob have found some of my jpeg and mp4 files, however not all of them despite me turning the phone off.

5. Next step, I installed the android terminal emulator so that I could try this:

setprop persist.sys.usb.config mass_storage

However, I get the error: "Connected as an installer". Although I can now see the internal and SD card memory on my PC, I can't access them.

6. I know easy UMS from xda developer will only mount the external memory as UMS, not the internal.

So finally, my question is!!

Does anyone know a way to mount the internal memory as UMS please? Or a way to get around this "Connected as an Installer" issue that Samsung have on the device? I really want to try this method so that I can try out some of the PC recovery tools and see if they find any more deleted data before I start using my device again.

My device details now that it's rooted:
Model: GT-I9300
Android: 4.1.1
Kernal Version 3.031-368423 se.infra@SEP-78#1
Baseband Version I9300XXDLID

Many Thanks!


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