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Root [International] What are the perks/incentives of rooting an SGS3?


Jun 4, 2010
Back when I had an HTC Desire, the biggest reason for rooting was the horrendously low internal storage space (<150 MB), which made it very hard to install numerous apps if you didn't have access to app2SD mods.

But what would be the main reason(s) of rooting an SGS3? What am I currently missing on my unrooted phone that? Honest question!

hi and welcome
I am from a desire background as well and modified it to madness, it wasnt just about space but about making the device more personalised to getting better performance/life out of it.
I rooted it the first day i got the s3
i put a new kernel on it, overclocked it to 1.7ghz and lowered the voltages. its very stable, very quick (can get a bit warm) and battery lasts more than 48hrs with normal use (once the 2 day excitement period faded)
device is nothing but awesome, im just waiting on some more interesting developments to come.

Ive ordered a usb otg cable so i can pair my xbox 360 pad to play games. you need root for it to map to touch interface but can play all games including nova etc with a ps3/xbox 360 pad (including triggers)
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