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Help Invalid Password for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter


Sep 9, 2011
Any assistance is appreciated!

I can still log into the accounts manually and through stand-alone apps, but they will not log in through any app or widget that pulls the login info from "My Accounts". I have not changed anything on these. One minute was working, next was saying "invalid password/username". I tried to remove the accounts and re-add them, but it won't let me do that either since it is saying that it is the wrong username and password.
I'm having the same problem. I posted this on a few diff. sites, in hopes someone'll know what to do.

'Anyone else having issues with FB widget on BIONIC? Says 'Facebook sync failure. Incorrect username or password.' Funny thing is, the FB app works just fine. For some reason, the widget doesnt. I tried going into 'Accounts' to remove/add FB, but it gives me the same error. <-- Says un or pw is incorrect, but the username field is grayed out and you can't edit it. Even tried force stop and clearing data, but still no dice. HALP!'

*I wonder if it has anything to do with my old phone (DX) still having the account/widget setup. I've been using it on occasion while connected to WiFi for random purposes...
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