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iPhone owner since 3G, just jumped ship!!

One thing that's I have always hated is an apple fanboy, thier smug "I'm better then you" tood makes me sick. The problem was I loved the iPhone and just couldn't find a replacement. I own a iPhone 4 and couldn't be happier, until the other day...

I tried to update my aps and it said my Id had been disabled so I log in to see what the problem was. It was my ID, my email, my password and phone number but instead of my info it was a man from Texas! His master card, his addy.

So I called apple and talked to 3 people and all three told me it was an iTunes thing, oh and hey they don't talk to people you have to email them, I tried to explain to them that I could get into trouble for having this guys info and wanted to know just who the hell has mine but it fell on def ears, email them was the response. So this morning I try again and as soon as I'm told the same thing I tell the dude to suck a specific part of my lower body and that the three iPhones on my account would be gone within the week.

Hug me, welcome me! Fore I just dove off the iPhone ship head first and ordered an infuse, I now fly android colors and as soon as my wife finds one to her liking so will she, my son went with a windows phones so he could do his xbox thing with his buds.

Give me lub!!!
No need to jump ship. They are all on the same boat. Most government buildings also fly more than one flag. You might be inexperienced and think the world is only filled with smug Apple fanboys, but really, Android ones are far worse, and far more numerous online. Apple peeps can at least plead ignorance. Android users, not so much. Have fun with your Infuse. I am thinking of getting one because I'm tired of waiting for something better. And try not to jump into the troll bandwagon. There's too many of those...everywhere. Good luck.
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Hello Everyone, new At&t Infuse owner, new to android from iphone, very happy to be here. Can anyone help me on any programs or ways to transfer purchased music from Itunes??


Ken, welcome to the darkside (just kidding). I'm also an iPhone transplant to the Doid. For the most part, I think you'll find things from each format that you like better, The graphics of the Infuse are hard to beat but the overall utilization is easier with iTunes.

As for tranfering music from iTunes, I was able to transfer most of the music from iTunes to the Infuse by downloading and using the free version of doubletwist.com. It is like the poor inferior cousin of iTunes in that it looss somewhat similar to it and functions like it, albeit MUCH SLOWER and less reliably. If you use it, just be patient and wait for it to do what you ask of it.

If you search these boards, others have offered alternative ways of transfering these music files but I didn't have any luck with the other ones I tried.

Another caveat with this Infuse phoen is that my transfered music files went to the micro sD external card which comes with the phone and it is only 2Gb of memory. Since I had over 1200 music entries to transfer, they all did not transfer. I ended up buying a 16G micro sD card since I didn't know if or how I could transfer the music to the internal storage of the phone. Another important thing about my transfering music via doubletwist was that many if not most of my tunes tranfered in duplicate. I'm not sure if this was because some of the tunes were also on my Window Music Player.

If you use doubletwist, go to the appropriate preferences to make sure it doesn't automatically start syncing right when you hook up your Impact via the USB plug to your computer. Make sure you check if you want all music files or some playlists to transfer and whether you want just music from iTunes or from Windows also (even though you may still get duplicates). These are some mistakes that I went through and trying to save you and others from having. Songs that were duplicated cannot be displayed as they seemlessly can with iTunes. But, it is easy to just go to your music and see where the duplicates are, then delete them, many or all at a time by checking them.

Another problem reported, and which I experienced, has been getting your computer to automatically to recognize your hardware (the Impact itself) when it is plugged into the computer. Sometimes it isn't recognized, so, give it time to show up on doubletwist (on the left side like with iTunes), and if it doesn't show up disconnect and repeat. When you first plug in the phone to the computer USB, watch the phone's screen and make sure you've pressed the screen to enable it to obtain data through your computer.

I hope the above helps and made sense, if you want to use this transfer method. Again, be patient with it as it's nota quick or efficient as iTunes.
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Nice to see more people riding the train. I too was Iphone for life until I looked at the Infuse and jumped on it. After being with Apple for 4 years I needed a change, the 4.5 inch screen and thin design was the closer. My boys have the 5 inch Dell streaks with froyo on them so I was used to the android os. Now Im trying to sell my wife on scrapping her iphone 4. Lol
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