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Irony Involving the S4's Processor and How it Relates to the nexus ⁴ Detractors.

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Nov 25, 2012
The same people who hated the nexus ⁴ for its absence of LTE are now angry at Samsung for not putting their latest processor in the s4 because some people have to have LTE and their octacore is optimized for HPSA+ phones.

Anyone else see the irony here?
Two questions -

What's the point? I don't follow the complaint in the op at all.

What does the SGS4 and LTE have to do with the Nexus 4? :thinking:

First you talk about the SGS4 E5 processor, then how it has two processors, and then you tell someone to read more.

Feel free to drop me a line to explain why this thread needs to open, otherwise, this is just a pointless rant.
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