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Is it ok to plug the charger in the mains without turning the power supply off?


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Jun 7, 2010
I am using one of those extension cords which has 4 plugs with no individual on/off switch at the plug. I need to turn off the power at the mains which is a hassle. Is it fine if I just plug in the charger there and leave it? Only plugging in the phone to the charger at night or whenever I want to charge it.

I have touched the charger after leaving it on for sometime, it does not become hot, not like those old Nokia 3310 chargers.
I dont know how much waste of electricity is going on, its a smps (switched mode power supply) as as your device isn't consuming any electricity (ie current) then surely you arent consuming any power working long the electronics formula P=V*I. Even if there is a small amount being used for monitoring the circuitry for its own protection you must be talking micro amps.

i leave my pluged it 24/7 and just plug the phone in as and when it is required.
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