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Is LG G4 going to suit my needs ?


Jan 23, 2016
Hello everyone, for about 2 years I was on iPhone, now I'm going back to Android. I'm seriously considering buying LG G4, but I'm not completely sure that it is right choice, so I would like to have feedback from real users, as I believe they're much more accurate than reviews on portals, magazines etc. So here is what I'm looking for ordered by importance:

1. Most important thing for me is that mobile is reliable, that it doesn't crash often, doesn't heat much in normal usage (I don't plan to play HC games on mobile, but I might form time to time), etc.
2. Battery life - I'd like to squeeze out 24hrs of usage, or at least 16hrs. By that I mean I'd like to while going to work listen to music surf on 3g, or watch youtube video, and when I'm returning from work I'd like to do those same things without fearing that battery will die. (during work I don't use mobile that much)
3. I'd like my mobile to be good enough 1.5/2 years from now. I don't expect it to be excellent or anything like that, but I'd like to have mobile which in 2 years from now will be ok for let's say baisc day to day usage (by basic I mean listening to music, reading emails, browsing the net, watching youtube etc.)
4. Screen quality

My biggest concerns with G4 are battery life and screen size (which is too big for me, but this one is personal, I can live with it). Also while browsing XDA I found tread with many users complianing about boot loops, what's with that ? As I understood first versions of LG have this problem (the ones with 505-509 in their SN).

So based on my needs / preferences do you think I'll be satisfied with G4 ? Also what are your general thoughts about this mobile phone after using it for a while, do you like it ?
I don't own a G4, so can't answer most of your questions, but a "boot loop" is where a phone continuously reboots (i.e. it restarts before it has finished booting, ad infinitum). Since this was mentioned at XDA it's worth looking at the context, because bootloops are a common consequence of a failed attempt to modify the system software, and phone modding is the reason XDA exists, so it's possible this was user error or an incompatible mod.
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