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Hi, I got a new SGS3 and want to know how I can find out if it is branded or not.
My informations are:

I have exactly the same phone and have got mixed results from research, though i have other sims they are not micro sized so can't check using them. I have tried using *#7465625# but nothing happens with mine.

mine is an upgrade from t-mobile uk, the firmware details from kies show PDA:LI5 / PHONE:LI5 / CSC:LI5 (EVR). Though i'm not an expert i think the (EVR) bit means mine is locked to EE (Everthing Everywhere). if yours is different then i would research that. the reason why i'm uncertain is that my s2 was upgraded the same way but had (CPW) which was unlocked.

Like you i would be interested if any can shed more light on this.
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Thank you for your reply. I am using mine with an orange simcard and don't have problems with that..

Is your carrier orange? T-Mobile and Orange sims might work because EE is their parent company but other carrier sims might not.
I chose to stick with TM because i didn't want to change my contract and in any case i think the 4g contract costs are over inflated.
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I found the firmware and yes it is EE branded. Can I just flash an unbranded firmware?

I'm pretty sure you can flash with another stock rom, if you don't get a reply you could try here - forums are lower down page. but my phone hardly shows any branding, the only thing that i can see is that the browsers home page is set to EE which i changed.

Did you find out if your phone is sim locked?

I'm waiting to meet someone with a micro sim that is on a different network to check. you can ask your carrier to supply an unlock code, the charge is
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