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Help is Sony Xperia Z a good phone to buy


Jul 20, 2013
hey guys
I am planning to get sony xperia Z in few days but some people say that it is not good at all ( weak wifi, weak sound, and weak processor )
if you have this phone please help me. is it a good phone to buy
and which one is better? sony xperia Z or samsung galaxy note II
some people say that it is not good at all

No surprise there; every device has its detractors.

weak wifi
Not in my experience. My Z connects to the same APs as my other devices with similar performance.

weak sound
The single external speaker is merely adequate at best, but playback quality through earphones is excellent, at least to my to my aging ears. Sound quality during calls is noticeably better than my S2.

weak processor
It's a Qualcomm S4 Pro, so it's only "weak" in comparison to its successor the 800. If you want a purely synthetic guide, the Z outscores the Note II by a healthy margin in the AnTuTu benchmark test. In real-life use I doubt you notice the difference.

is it a good phone to buy
If it meets your needs, yes.

which one is better?
See above. ;)
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The only negative I could find about the Xperia Z was the camera. Other than that, it's a great phone. The Note 2 is great too but not as svelte or water resistant. Mine has survived ok so far but there's no way I'd dunk it.

Oh, the other thing to realize is that every single time you want to plug in a charger or headphones, you have to open those flaps. Every. Single. Time. For some people, that won't be much. For others, that could be quite often. Get the charging docks and you can eliminate opening that port often. Get bluetooth headphones and you eliminate opening that one too. So it's possible.
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I agree with all of the above, apart from the stuff about the camera. I actually think it's excellent, but then again I came from a Motorola Atrix which wasn't exactly known for it's great camera and I never really compared it with the Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One or similar phones.

Also, when you first get the phone it feels quite big in your hand, but you soon get used to that. :)
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I previously had an xperia s and i was doubtful the xperia Z would improve my android experience much.
I was wrong!
It gets better reception/stronger mobile signal at work and at home.
The screen is really really nice and video playback/pictures look amazing.
The wi fi signal is stronger.
the call quality is much better.
the performance leap is more than i expected- in general app switching and multi-tasking with background tasks such as playing music while web surfing.
The battery life is much better and the general quality feel of the handset is very impressive.
My only slight issue with the phone is its speaker- that is weak and should be better.
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