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is the O2 Desire heavily branded?

thanks, will do.

But because i havent seen a stock, un-molested Desire in the flesh yet, Im not sure what to look for to see if anything is missing or changed.

Guess the O2 sales assistant would know if I asked him... maybe...

what shall I check? the browser and maps, google features, Installed apps, anything else?

thank you :D
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Also some navigation software - only findable if you 'search' your phone for telmap...

I want to know how to go to unlocked, unbranded HTC Desire, so I can upgrade!

Huh, never knew that - how do you get it off German though?

Back OT, :D yep, just boot screen, wallpaper, ring tone, web home page.
Nothing to worry about - does make you wonder why it's taking them to long to update to froyo!
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I got an o2 branded phone, not heavily branded at all, though the update to 2.2 wasn't available... So I debranded using the guide of this page:

HTC Desire: Updating To FroYo (Official OTA) For Network Branded Handsets… | Mike Southby

It's the clearest guide I've seen so far, literally step by step...

In my experience (quite varied, mainly with Nokias, but many other manufacturers too over the years) o2 are generally the best network work mucking around with the software/firmware... Orange are definitely the worst, with Vodafone coming in a close second...
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