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is there a way to get a true do not disturb mode (other than airplane)?

This forum quickly solved my playlist problems and I'm hoping that the folks here might solve this problem.

The hardware/software: Note 20 Ultra/Android 11/Oneui 3.1

My question: is there any way to activate a mode that's more like the Galaxy S5's blocking mode? I.e. one that is more of a true do not disturb? My problem: even when DND is on, the ringer (albeit silent) still comes up (accept/decline) even when it's not an accepted exception (contacts). The S5's blocking mode didn't do that. There was nothing other than a notification of a missed call if the caller's not on the accepted list. If the caller's not on the allowed list, I don't want the phone app popping up.

I turned off pause while there's a phone call in poweramp, which solves the immediate problem, and I sabotaged the ringer by blocking pop-up notifications, but that makes it hard to answer the few wanted calls.

If I can solve both this and the intermittent phone mic muted while the dongle's in and making a call program, then most of my Note 20 Ultra problems will be solved.
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On my pixel 5 if I longpress on the dnd icon, it pops up a settings menu with all kinds of customization.

There are options to block notification pop-ups for calls as well as messages. There are options to make exceptions for no one, contacts or favorites.

This is a stock Android feature, so should exist on your device unless Samsung removed it.
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