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Is there an app that would "trick" my phone into thinking that a photo is input from the camera?

Ahh lol i see what you mean :D hmm i duno. Tbh ive never used snapchat so i know what it does but im not sure how it works....
..how close to sending does the pic have to be taken?

Maybe you could just use a file explorer like the My Files app and go into the DOWNLOADS folder and move the file to the CAMERA folder inside the DCIM folder(?)
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If you're rooted you might be able to pull some shady business with /dev/msm_camera. I googled that to make sure it's the camera device and got this same question from someone else in another language:
foreign language thread elsewhere
No answers there though.

I imagine it may take some more heavy duty hacking skills than merely placing a .jpg in /dev/msm_camera, since the app almost certainly must communicate metadata and control signals with the device rather than merely pulling imagery from the device.
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I have absolutely no android programming expertise, but I would need a program that selects a picture on your drive and somehow tells the operating system that the picture is actually what the camera is seeing. So, when you switch to an app like snapchat all you need to do is press the capture button and you would be able to send it.

I know this all sounds like a lot of work for such a silly reason but I think it would be pretty cool.
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Lol. I was literally just going to do the same post, not really knowing how to word it .

One option is to take a picture of another phone or laptop screen as someone mentioned above, yes. But I'm not sure I would get away with it in my situation.

Is anyone aware of any apps that can achieve this? As I need to do it to upload a picture of my driving license to apply for a couple accounts. It comes up with the camera app and that rectangle card shaped reticle that you must fit the card within.

I have lost my license and only have a picture so any help would be greatly appreciated.
I can code but would prefer to use somebody else's hard work to do this
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