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IS there an app to delete my text messages?

I have an EVO and I have a very substantial amount of text messages, mainly from my girlfriend, I have over 3500 in her thread, and usually a few hundred for everyone else. I have never had a phone that saved messages in threads like this and I didn't know it would become a problem. I also didn't know that there was a setting to auto-delete them.

I can't delete them any more than one at a time, or else it freezes up the phone and gets a non-responsive message. Is there an app that can get rid of them in bulk? I don't want to reset my phone back to its factory settings.

If there is no app can I plug my phone into the computer and delete them than way?

If I can't do that can I get the name of a good backup app so I can store all my contacts/photos/apps if I do factory reset?
On the main messaging screen, where it shows you all the threads, hit your menu button, and go to the settings.
Somewhere in there, you can set the amount of messages per thread.
Also in the menu you can choose to delete ALL threads, or you can long-press on any thread to bring up the short menu, and you can delete individual threads from there.
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there is an app called delete old messages. i use it on my mytouch slide because i have the same problem deleting texts.
Delete old messages
by JADS Limited
50,000 downloads, 795 ratings (4.3 avg)
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