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Is there an app to determine _actual_ phone specs?


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Jun 27, 2009
In my house.
I tried out this app: Fpt System Manager v1.1 Application for Android | Tools

And in the RAM area it currently shows me as having 83MB of RAM available out of 192.5MB of RAM. Obviously because of running apps.

What I'd like to know is how much _total_ RAM is _actually_ in my phone. The model I have is supposed to have 288MB of RAM (Rogers HTC Magic).

Is there an app, or is there some other way, to determine the actual specs of your phone, ie. actual total RAM installed?

@thenapolitan: I know what's _supposed_ to be in my phone (as above I indicated it is supposed to come with 288MB of RAM). I want a way to find out what is _actually installed_ in my phone.

I am looking for an app to query the phone and return full information about the phone. Actual RAM installed.

Since my RAM is showing as 83MB/192.5MB, I am _assuming_ that the missing RAM is "hidden" from the user for the OS, but I want to know this for sure, and would like to find out total actual RAM installed.
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