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Is there any way to delete GoChat account?

Recently installed GoSMS on my new phone and went looking for themes. Since the last time I was there, Go has changed their theme store to require you to create / login to a GoChat account to be able to use it. Not thinking, I created an account and put my info in there. Now, I've decided I don't want GoChat OR the account because I'm a little picky about where my name / other info goes online. I know I can get rid of GoChat just by uninstalling GoSMS or by placing GoSMS into non-pro mode, but I do want to be able to use the app, and I've read that even turning off chat in the latter example will eventually log you back in. I want to completely delete my whole account... is there a way to do this? Google searches have provided absolutely no help whatsoever, and the Go Dev Team forums are in Chinese, so I can't access them to ask the question or get a solution from there.

Any help would be appreciated,


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