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Is your N3 still unscathed?

The screen is clear as glass with my Ghost Armor screen protector in place. Unfortunately while testing out a back cover type case and belt holster on my Note 3 the Note popped out of the holster, skidded along the sidewalk and left several small dings along the lower left edges of the silver frame. No more back only cases for me my friend. No more...
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I have a pretty good case that I have yet to put on my Note 3, I just hate creating a bulky device since it's already such a large device.

Since this is my first smart phone, it doesn't seem big at all and that's *with* a UAG case. It's very comfortable in the hand and provides a nice amount of picture size or screens of text to read.

Very happy bunny.
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Since this is my first smart phone, it doesn't seem big at all and that's *with* a UAG case. .

I love my N3 and don't mind the size, but it really is a bump up from an iPhone 4s. I've had several iPhones before but again, I do like the size.

Funny thing is I don't mind the size, but nearly everyone I show it to or sees it comments. I was shopping for a Kindle Paperwhite and the guy at staples freaked on it's size compared to the Kindle :D
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Neo Hybrid Case which is protective yet light and small and a very nice Tempered Glass screen protector thats flawless and looks like a naked phone.

Love them both and am glad my phone is unscathed.


I hand my N3 to others, and they have no idea it is in a case and has a iloome 9H.

It looks fabulous and my N3 is still in pristine condition underneath.

I can't imagine having scratches on my screen like the OP does, (and his will only get worse).

Not protecting the resale value on a $700 device is foolhearty at best. :smokingsomb:
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