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Help ISSUE PLEASE HELP!!!!is it Google or is it Samsung during phone setup?


Aug 9, 2012
I did a factory reset to my phone two weeks ago. I use the Gmail two step verification and that sends a verification code via SMS to my phone to access gmail. During the setup of my phone which I have never has a problem before I enter my Gmail login information and everything goes smoothly until after setup completes, I get a message saying Gmail login error. I then have to manually enter my gmail into playstore again to gain access and then phone sets gmail access up. Why is my phone not accepting Gmail login via setup? I get no errors during the setup of my phone.....i have removed gmail account from phone and added it again...i have disabled two step verification...and nothing...went to Verizon store ...they did another reset and same issue....can enter Gmail information during setup and no errors occur. But when setup completes and phone homescreen loads I get Gmail login error. Someone please help
No I haven't tried that. So you're saying disable it...setup a password.specific app then do reset ....could I just suitable everything and try that. I just miss setting up my phone and it loading all

No, not quite. :)

1. Disable 2 Step Verification
2. Reset
3. Setup your phone entering your standard gmail password
4. Via your PC, activate 2 Step Verification
5. Head here: https://accounts.google.com/b/0/IssuedAuthSubTokens?hide_authsub=1, generate a password
6. On your phone, access Gmail and refresh your inbox.
7. If your phone asks you for a password, use the one you've just generated.

That should sort things.
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