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Help Issues involving the gallery and the pictures it displays.

When I go to the Gallery on my phone, it generates a bunch of albums based on all of the image files it finds ANYWHERE on the SD card. This results in a lot of fluff 'n clutter that just gets in the way AND increases the gallery's loading time.

Is there any possible way to have the gallery only look for images in a specific folder or set of folders?

Another thing, and perhaps I should make a separate thread for this, is that there are two albums in the gallery that are not physical albums on the Droid. They are "Blogger" and "Blogger pictures" and contain very old profile avatars from a blogger account I used years ago. I've done everything I can from the blogger.com end of it to remove all information and pictures but the albums and photos keep showing up in the gallery. I personally HATE blogger VERY much because of a problem they caused me in the past and I don't need it haunting me on my phone.


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