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Issues Receiving Email


Dec 2, 2009
Anyone else having problems receiving email in a timely manner. For some reason my Motorola Droid doesn't check for email every 5 minutes like it should. Refreshing does not always work. Not sure whether it matters, however, I do have the Advance Task Killer app on my phone. HELP!!! I getting ready to send this phone back because need to get my email as quickly as possible. btw, I love this phone, but is I can't get me email, I'm moving back to Blackberry. Again, HELP!!!
What type of email are you trying connecting to?

The obvious question, and please don't take offense, is did you check the settings on that email account to see that it checks every 5 minutes?

I have noticed that it takes a noticeable amount of time to sync with my e-mails.

It could be it is taking longer than 5 minutes for your droid to sync with the e-mail account.
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