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It's just me, or Youtube app over 3G sucks?

Hi all,

I don't know if it's just an impression, but after the Froyo upgrade, watching Youtube videos over 3G on my Desire is a no go.

Videos get chopped, they don't buffer. Ok, 3G is not as good as wifi, but if the videos buffered, I could just wait a little for the buffering and then play them, without jumps or lags.

Is there a solution for that? I do like watching some videos in Youtube sometimes, and I don't want to need wifi connection to watch them properly.
Hi There,

I have been facing the same problem as you. I have HTC Desire HD, in which when i am connected to Wifi it works gr8, but if i want to use it over 3G it just dont buffer.
Even though in Tokyo 3G services are one of the best am enable to watch it over 3g in android youtube app , previously i was using iPhone and it was working gr8 on 3G too.

I think youtube app on iPhone is much better than Android.

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Hi, I've had similar problems recently, but I got Froyo weeks ago and it was fine, as I say up until the last week. Nothing else has been changed, still running the exact same set up as normal.

I find youtube clips play for a few mins and then simply stop. Shame as I used to play kids tv shows to my daughter when she was going to bed, now I have to read stories damnit :mad:
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