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I've totally betrayed my beliefs, become a hypocrite and sold out....


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May 25, 2010
Riddlesden, West Yorkshire, UK
"wait for the ascend, you'll regret it" - SUroot

I can't. I've gone for what I called "uninspired". I just ordered an SGS3.

I thought I.could wait who knows how long for a better phone. But then I'm sure that will be trumped by anything that has the ARM a15 shortly. I have basically decided that I can wait no more. My desire feels almost decrepit with age. Battery life is getting worse, even with a new battery.. ive already lost the urge to customise it any more....

Although I can't collect it until Friday (all the blues were recalled to replace the back) I'll be leaving these shores.

You may all now call me names
It actually feels quite nice in the hand.

Its funny, I didnt go out with intention of getting one. I went in CPW had a look, talked to a guy, Left. Went into 3, had a look, talked to a guy, left... Except I didn't leave, this shop manager ran up and said "You wanted Blue? I can maybe get you blue.." It was all a bit shady. At first I wasnt even sure he worked there.

I was worried about my credit check, so we went through the motions and it was accepted. Just got to wait for the store to get the stock tomorrow or Friday.

Just a bit gutted actually that a LOT of my root knowledge from the desire is not cross transferable. I'll almost be learning again from Scratch
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Traitor! ;)

Have to admit to getting bored of waiting for the Ascend to descend and had started looking at buying a sim free S3. It felt so dirty and wrong and did wonder whether I needed to be sectioned but you going out and signing up for one has made me feel a lot better :D

Keep us updated with how you get on and will no doubt see you over in the S3 forum soon bud.
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:D :D :D You are such a push over! :D :D :D

Not even sure the guy worked there, but he didn't seem to have too hard a time getting your attention ;).

As far as not going in to a store with the intention of getting one (whatever), I've been there, and it is, in all honesty, always a foregone conclusion that I'll get one :p.

The Galaxy has been looking better and better to me as well, as the Ascend XL doesn't seem to materialize any time soon. The fall will no doubt bring a few even better phones, but right now the Galaxy is the best phone out there by quite a bit.

As to "uninspired" - the true art of creative thinking is when you take an everyday object and make something extraordinary of it. The dilettante needs the crutches of working with precious materials - the true master makes the commonplace precious. Not that the S3 is that bad...
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It's the whole odin thing, whatever that is

The SGS3 uses a different file extension to the HTC ext4.
Still i am sure you will get to grips with it, although quite a few people have said its a pain compared to the ext4.
Plus point though the SGS3 is root able properly & not partially like the ONE X, i also think there is s-off already too.
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Yeah then you get to review the shots and choose the best one. It must delete the others.

Right, rooted. Now for kernel...

Edit .. done

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