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Jellybean ruined my RazrMaxx Anyone Else?

I updated my RAZR Maxx to Jellybean while traveling on business in Bangor Maine, and wouldn't you know it, the bean turned off the phone and data connections completely. I have an updated jellybean phone now with no connections other than WiFi. Its the weirdest thing. After it installed the bean the 1x signal would come and go fluctuating intermittently and so it eventually activated but the data and phone wouldn't connect. How inconvenient as I live 5 hours away. Alas I found a Verizon store which opened at 9am which swapped the Simms and contacted corporate for help. No Go! Phone is toast. Nada nothing now. Its really amazing as the phone e was perfect before the update and now its completely useless without WiFi.

Anyone else have this happen to them? I have a reman reacement phone on order.
It is hard to keep in mind ... this is a pretty powerful computer in your pocket and it has all the attributes (good and bad) of a powerful computer.

GB to ICS and ICS to JB are BIG changes.

(How big was the download for the update?)

... Thom

All good suggestions. When you're in Bangor Maine next time you'll be as bored as must and want To upgrade your phone too if one is available. There isn't much night life in Bangor if you know what I mean.

Anyhow. I've done our beloved factory data reset twice. Our wicked nice friends at Verizon wireless even gave it their college try too. It was fun to watch but in the end not nice walk out empty handed. They're sending out a replacement. I will keep you posted. The entire process is over one hour to download and install. The phone gets hot too. Which is probably my why mine failed. Heat.

All the best.
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