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Just a thought why the epic has been kept secret...


It's fun and morally-imperative to hurl blame and hatred in Motorola's general direction, but it's equally important to remember that Motorola is an aberration (some might say 'blight') on the Android landscape. HTC is practically an outright benefactor of xda-developers.com, and Samsung's attitude towards rooting falls somewhere between ambivalence and amusement. Samsung isn't really interested in *helping* anyone replace the firmware on their phones, but they aren't going to go out of their way to STOP anyone from doing it, either. If you want to wipe and reflash your phone, Samsung's general attitude can be summed up as, "(yawn.) Don't let the door hit you on the way out...."

Motorola isn't a "normal" company -- it's a major defense contractor that happens to have a substantial base of civilian customers on the side to stabilize its cash flow whenever the military cuts back on spending for a year or two. Security pervades the company from top to bottom, and colors its entire view of the world and the role of its products within it. Motorola was making arbitrarily-limited, locked-down Linux phones before the iPhone was even a mess on Steve Jobs' bedsheets.
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What do you mean by deep under cover?

My thoughts are that there is a happy balance between announcing it too early and stealing handset sales from other phones in the line up (Evo) and announcing it too late and not drumming up enough attention for launch. Always tricky trying to find that optimum balance.
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