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Help Just need a simple html viewer?

This is frustrating! I have a number of simply formatted html files that I would like to read on the HTC Incredible. The html viewer that seems to come with the phone just gives me a broken web link. I don't see a way to open a file with a browser and I downloaded a few apps from the market with no success. Has anybody found a way to do this??? Thank-you!

The OP is talking about opening a HTML file stored locally on the phone / SD card, not the web. I'm not sure how to achieve that either. Perhaps a "file://" URL with the full path (e.g. /sdcard/docs/myfile.html) would work?

I tried this and yes it does work. Nothing wrong with the file. After it comes up I can bookmark it to avoid not typing the full path next time. It would be so easy to make an app for this. Thanks for the tip!
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