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Keyboard and Internet problem

i was having this problem when i had the default zoom set to "close", but when i put it back to normal, my keyboard was working again.

i have this same problem where the keyboard works everywhere but the internet...i did reset the zoom to 'far' and all was good. now i woke up this morning and it doesn't work again! i tried adjusting the zoom again but it didn't solve the problem.

the thing is, i have just finished setting up my phone from a hard reset and i'm sure that's what verizon will tell me to do :(

i am using the stock keyboard and i don't have that many apps besides adv task killer, handcent and shopsavvy.

is anyone else experiencing this :thinking:
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i don't have it running automatically but i do obsessively hit the button to kill apps :eek:

it does have an 'exclude' list,but i am checking to see what to exclude and i would assume that it would not kill anything on the system list but then again....
i'm not really a tech head so any suggestions what to put on the list?
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Short of a factory reset, I'm not aware of a way to reinstall the HTC keyboard.
Now for the silly question - you're aware that the keyboard doesn't just 'come up' in Internet. You have to first press either the navigation bar or the search button - right? :)
I'm SURE you know that, but I figured I had to ask...
What are you doing to try and make the keyboard come up? Have you tried both pressing the navigation bar and pressing the search button?
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yes, i was tapping the nav bar. that's what was weird was that it worked for a couple days then stopped. then i adjusted the zoom and it worked then the next day it didn't.

i went back to verizon today and they were stumped (no surprise) so they gave me a new phone. going to chill on the app killer this time around....
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