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Keyboard Envy- LG Ally making my milestone shiver


May 20, 2010
We all love having the only DECENT android phone with a QWERTY (G-1 not included, that's just too behind the times)- i.e. the milestone, but who's a little concerned about the new LG Ally Phone coming out which has a spaced keyboard with better tactility and a slightly faster processor at 600Mhz by default- the Qualcomm (sp?) one that's a bit less good than the snapdragon...

I hate LG and their crappy software- learnt that from their stupid Viewty handset, but looks like by using a proper OS, my milestone is quivering at the sight of that keyboard on the LG Ally!

Thoughts anyone?

(We all know the Galaxy S is super hot , but no QWERTY makes me say no)


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