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Help KIES upgrade has frozen my phone


Sep 12, 2011
I attached my phone to my PC to transfer some photos.The PC already had the Samsung KIES software installed and advised that an upgrade was available.I let it upgrade,but now my phone screen is only showing an icon of a PC attached to the phone with a triangle and exclamation mark in the centre.I have tried to get out of this screen as per instructions in my Samsung GT-15500 manual,holding down the "call ended" button and the up volume button together for 10 seconds.After the 10 seconds the Samsung intro screen appears for one second then reverts to the previous screen.I have tried it on another PC with the same result.I do also get a battery charging icon when it is attached also,but am unable to get into the phone.Also both PC's are not recognising the phone.I have also tried the device connection troubleshooter in KIES without luck.So,is it a driver problem or a phone problem? I've tried another SIM in it also...same thing
Your phone is semi bricked, which is good as you can turn it on but bad as it will not let you use your phone, first put your phone into download mode by pressing volume down, the ok/centre button and the power on button simultaneously (make sure your phone is turned off). Connect your phone into the pc start kies and press tools in the top left corner try both emergency recovery (if the pc knows what happened then it will say the phone name and allow to do an emergency recovery) and firmware upgrade. If this does not work take your phone to the shop that you bought it from and tell them what happened. Finally if all fails you will have to flash a new rom onto your phone via odin (if you flash a stock rom then make sure it is for your phone and your country). If you need to flash your phone then just tell me.

Hope I helped. :)
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